Put It On You – A two track digital release

Earlier this year,  Hubert Tubbs & Stefan Mörth, released ‘Put it on You’ and ‘Friends’   – They have formed a formidable creative force working together which seems effortless! Stefan is a multitalented artist and whatever medium he chooses to work with he brings to it his special touch of genius.  He has been ahead of his time with his beats, he is know world wide as a dj producer, he is an artist, and film maker! When he works with Hubert he holds the space for Hubert to be himself doing what he does best as an old school soul singer. Stefan holds the vision and puts his special spin on it, which not only makes it current – but their work is iconic, – timeless!   There is a purity from both of them, Stefan’s love of music and purity of expression; Hubert’s love for music and purity of emotion that he has spent a lifetime bringing to the table.

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